Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On the Design Wall

Well, not really on the wall, just on the cutting table. I am halfway through my 3 x 6 bee swap blocks. This quarter I decided to do something different than the regular blocks I have been making.

I stepped it up with quarter square triangles.  I like how they form the pinwheels.  They take a little more time, but they are fun to make.  I hope my swap buddies like them.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Cabinet Repainted

I wanted a small bookcase to put in the kitchen to put my Pyrex on.  Craigslist to the rescue!  I found this tall skinny cabinet for hardly nothing.  In the picture it looked cream colored, but in real life it was mustard.  That was not the color I wanted, so I got out the paint, hmm, red or white?  White, of course!

I repainted it and could not wait to get it in the kitchen!  And load it down with vintage stuff!  I love the vintage feel to it.  See the glasses?  I bought those at a yard sale on a whim, like $.50.  They are the green glass that is bubbly.  The kids love them!  They generally roll their eyes when Mom comes home with stuff, but they use these every day, I am always washing and putting them back!  Who'd a thunk it?


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Vintage Patio Set Redo

A few weeks ago I went by a yard sale.  Whoa, what was that and is it for sale?  Yes, it was!  It was a wonderful vintage patio set with the glass top and all 4 chairs!  How much?  $10!  Yes, $10!  Yes, Please, and Thank You!  There was a few minutes that I thought maybe I would have to leave my car stuff at the sale to get the set home, but I got it all in the back of the Jeep.

So later after I picked up paint, a really pretty yellow.  I sanded the rusty spots and sprayed it with the paint.  It was already yellow just faded.  That made it easy to paint.  Now for the cushions.  I did not know what I wanted but narrowed it down to red, black or aqua.  Off to Joann's I went and got piping and fabric, all of their outdoor was 50% off so I saved some bucks there.  I chose a Aqua fabric, just because that is what they had that I liked.

So now fast forward 2 weeks, and this it what I have now!  Isn't it great!  I love it and so does the family, it will look really good on the sun porch, bring a little summer to the winter!

Sorry I only have the after photo!  Of course I forgot to take a before!  Hope you like it too!


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