Monday, January 16, 2012

Thrifty Finds for the week!

So this week was crazy with personal things, however I did manage to get to the thrift store!  Did you doubt me?  This is what I found:

Can you make it all out?  I found a Horizon Blue Casserole, a 404 Butterprint, a Golden Hearts Casserole, Springblossom Shaker, Small Corning Carafe, Syrup pitcher, Snack plate, butter dish bottom and an ice tray.  (I know, I need to work on my pics!)

 I received this beauty in a trade from a flickr friend, and no it is not orange on the front, it is all a beautiful red! It is a hostess bowl with lid, I really do like this piece!

I received these in trade from another flickr friend, A 503 lid, two 501's, a pink 024 and that great divided dish some call compass, I am really happy with these too!  And finally.... 

In yet another trade, a yellow 024 and two Springblossom Shakers!  Wow what a week, and I am waiting on some more Pyrex in the mail and maybe another trade in the works!  Maybe a visit or two to a thrift store?  You never know!


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