Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Birthday Gift

I found this really cool tute on how to make a book clock.  And then I could not find it and this post as just been sitting there mocking me!  Well, no more I have found the blog where I originally saw the tute,

I wanted to make this for a friend, and of course I had a ton of those books that were in my Dad's attic.  So here is my clock.
It took a while to cut the pages but I think it turned out well and She liked it! 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

UFO's for 2012

No, I haven't been out at night looking for spaceships!  I read Judy at  She has a UFO Challenge each year and this year I am going to join in.  Each month she picks a number between 1 and 12 and that is the project you work on that month.  The hard thing is figuring which 12 projects to finish!

So here is my list for 2012!  And they are not all quilts, but stuff I really need to finish sewing to.

1.  Seat cushion covers for a friend.  Ummm, I have had these on the list for like 4 years maybe?  Wow should work on those soon!

2.  A embroidered quilt from blocks made by a friends Mother.  The embroidery is already done, just need to put in a quilt.

3.  DD's Quilt - Top is made, back is almost done, just really needs quilted and bound.

4.  DD's T-shirt Quilt - Just need to add a couple of shirts and back and quilt.  Lets see she is 19 and was supposed to get this on her 16th?

5.  DS's T-shirt Quilt - Have the shirts prepped so need to pick up from there.  He is only 17 so only a year late on this!

6. Christmas Tree Skirt - Not sure how long I have had this.

7.  Amish Country Quilt - I pick up fabric each time we go, so this may never be done!

8.  Blue & Yellow Quilt - Top is done and needs quilted

9.  Dad's Quilt - This is a quilt that the batting bunched up on and I took it apart to fix and did not get it back together before he died, at that time I put it away.  Now I want to get it done for me.

10.  State Quilt - I have patches signed by most of the counties in my state and started this in 200something for our 200th year.

11.  Secret Sister Quilt - I was in a secret sister quilt block swap around 2000.

12.  Pillowcases - I have a ton of them that I sewed the cuffs on and just need to sew the seams.

I am also in a block swap on Flikr and have a few quilts to make for a show this year!   Lots to do and we will be moving too, Wow, can I just sleep through 2012?